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Since its debut performance in January 2014, the Intimate Music Series: Chamber Works at St. Barnabas delivers quality, interesting, and rarely performed chamber music of mixed instruments in an historic setting.


Full time professional musicians join not presently full time musicians who earn income from a combination of performance, teaching and other means.


Intimate Music Series is supported by

Music Community Resources

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island

Most performances are held at:

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

1187 Wyatt Way NW

Bainbridge Island WA


TICKETS available at the door with suggested donations::

$20 General Admission

$15 Senior/Student

Free Children 16 and under






Conductors: Dan Schnieder~Lt. Bruce Mansfield

Vocalists: Royce Napolitino~Justin Lynn~Courtney Bray~

Marijane C. Milton~Quinn Liebling~Charles Robert Stephens

Violin: Stephen Bryant~Patricia Strange~Rachel Pearson~

Peggy Brady~Thomas Monk

Viola:  Sue Jane Bryant~Thomas Monk~Anne Burns

'Cello: Ann Wright~Christine Edwards~Joy Payton-Stevens~

Priscilla Jones~Virginia Dziekonski~Barbara Deppe~

Roberta Downey~Arlayne Eseman

Double Bass: Jon Brenner~Jane Christen~Jonathan Green

Flute: Suzanne Burton

Piccolo & Bass Flute: Suzanne Burton

Oboe: Amy Duerr Day~Yumiko Anthenien

English Horn: Amy Duerr Day~Yumiko Anthenien

Clarinet: David Salge~Patricia Beasley~Stephen Anthenien

Bass Clarinet: Stephen Anthenien

Saxophone: David Salge

Bassoon: Judith Lawrence~Jamael Smith~Stefan Lang


Trumpet: Shelly Devlin~Chris Thomas~George Steward

Flugelhorn: Shelly Devlin

​Horn: Ron Matthew Gilbert~Cyndy Jefferson~Kestrel Wright,

Bruce Kelly

Trombone: Daniel Forman

Bass Trombone: Wade Demmert

Accordion: Dan Lavry

Electric Bass Guitar: Jon Brenner

Percussion: Meg Tolley~Art Whitson~Edward Littlefied

Keyboard: Elizabeth Faye~Susan Bray~Jon Brenner~Patrick Stoyanavich

Organ: Paul Roy

Early Instruments

Recorders: Benn Hansson

Rackett: Benn Hansson

Fagot: Judith Lawrence~Culer Page

Dulcian: Judith Lawerence

Sackbut: Toni Seales~Guy Smith~Benn Hansson

Cornetto: John Bocker

Cittern: Guy Smith

Percussion: Judith Lawrence~Toni Seales

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